We will open Drone Pilot Field in Sakuraresort from August.

ドローン専用飛行場|Drone Pilot Field in Sakuraresort


Drone flying in Yamanashi!

Notice of opening of Drone Pilot Field in Sakura Resort.
We will offer a drone airport and school within Sakura resort grounds. It is a drone exclusive airfield and school that casually corresponded from drone experience to full-fledged operation.

①Those who want to learn flying in earnest at the school click the following DSL drone school
DSL drone school(Drone Safety Lisence)
②You can navigate but you want a wide place. Proficiency Flight Practice.
③For those who want to experience in the meantime.

Because the drone field is a charter system, please make a reservation.
【 Reservation method】
1.Please make your reservation by telephone at least 1 day in advance.
2.Finish reception at the front desk by the flight time of the day and will guide you to the airport。
3.Flight starts when time comes(you can use it freely)
※Please cancel on arrival at least 1 hour before bad weather.

Charting station overview

Usage fee
All-you-can-use for 3 hours at 10,000 yen (available for 1 to 5 people)。
Reservation classification
Three frames a day (8:00 / 11:00 / 14:00)
Golf short course for 3 hours
Table, chairs and power supply are available for charter-based charter station。
A view
You can see the Southern Alps (from high altitude, both Mt. Fuji and the Kofu Basin).
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