Drone Pilot Field in Sakuraresort open from Aug 2017.

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In 1989, the old SAAS resort spent large amount of money to build this resort area, including golf, tennis court, in-room pool, hot spring, restaurant, hotel and Villa. However, as the bubble economy collapsed, long economic stagnation and the people's hoppy had changed, as a result, the company bankrupted, the resort had been abandoned.

Considering it can be used for pleasure not only to villa owner but also to tourist if this resort could be reopened. With the strongly hope of local people and tourist, this resort was able to reopened.

From the large restaurant building located in the center of the resort, we can see the magnificent South Alps. It used to be called Club House, now we named it a new name called Chenonceau. The name is from the famous French château spanning the River Cher.

Here has an abundance of underground water and hot spring. Including the hotel, guests can see the magnificent nature through room windows, not a halfpenny the worse than Chateau de Chenonceau that is surrounded by the large natural forest. In here, you can enjoy gibier and local vegetable through the year.

Together with all villa owners, we're building a more pleasure resort not only for local people but also welcome please from other cities, come here to away from the Hustle and bust of cities and enjoy the nature.

Sakura Resort Inc.


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Sakura Resort Inc.
Yamanashi Prefecture, Kai City, Kamezawa 6949-96
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